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Marquise Enamel Shaker Ring by Moritz Glik, rectangular shaped ring with 18 karat palladium gray gold and diamonds enclosed.
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Marquise Enamel Shaker Ring

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The Marquise Enamel Shaker Ring in 18 karat palladium gray gold features a marquise cut white sapphire Kaleidoscope Shaker™ surrounded by smooth paved enamel, in addition to enameling featured on the band.This unique design remains a classic with its simple handmade enameling and coloring. This ring is water resistant. To preserve this piece, consult the care instructions.

Ring with 0.96ct of diamonds set in and enclosed in a white sapphire Kaleidoscope Shaker™ in 18k palladium gray gold and enamel

Materials and Measurements
0.96ct of Diamonds
• 18-karat Palladium Gray Gold
• Handmade Enameling

• Made in New York City
• Style # R1078